3D Textured and Lit Model based off Personal Concept Art inspired by Dinan, France

Music By: LÖHSTANA DAVID - La rentree des classes

Modeled in Autodesk Maya going off personal orthographics and concept art. Street based off Rue du Petit Fort road in Dinan, France.

2019 Group Project from NCCA Bournemouth University MA 3D Animation and MSc Computer Animation and Visual Effects students using Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Photoshop, Substance Painter, and Adobe Premiere

Sophie Buchner: Art Director, Grandma Model, Rigger, and Animator

Ellie McChesney: Producer, Dog Model, Valkyrie Rig, Lighting, Character Texturing, and Sound

Laura Scheving: Concept Art, Environment Model and Texture, Valkyrie Model, Matte Painting, Render Set-Up, Compositing

Ben Carey: Window Shatter, Dust Effect, Dog Leash

Tom Ashby: Layout Director, Transformation Effect, Shaders

Jamie Slowgrove: Runes Effect, Fire Effect, Dog Leash

Modeled clothing and helmet for Valkyrie character using Autodesk Maya.

Modeled, UV unwrapped, and textured environment and props for short film “Retired Valkyrie” using Maya, ZBrush, V-Ray, Substance Painter, and Photoshop

Car modeling assignment where we were to design and build a car inspired by Evil Corps Vinyl Idolz figurines for Edgar Wright’s Hot Fuzz film

Modeled in Maya and used V-Ray to light and for most textured materials