Was chosen to design (digital rendering below) and paint a mural on the side of the Twin City Hive Coffee Lounge in Winston-Salem, NC. The mural commemorates the union of Winston and Salem in 1913.

Had the honor of painting the interior of the Pantheon in Rome on the inside of the loading door of the Electric Shop at UNC School of the Arts. From drawing, pouncing, and prepping the surface of the door, to priming, painting, and sealing, it took about 150 hours.

I painted and sealed a welding helmet in the theme of Guardians of the Galaxy with Groot as the focus.

Under Majestic Scenic, Elizabeth Distante and I painted the signage for a company that sells rugs and textiles in High Point, NC. We painted directly on the building after pouncing the perforated lettering on the surface. We spent 10 hours on this project. 

I was given the opportunity to paint the teen center at my local YMCA. I went with a video-game-popular-tv-shows-and-movies theme with some "graffiti". The whole process took 22 hours.

I was contacted by the Downtown Washington Perk in Winston-Salem, NC to paint a 3.5' x 15' black box with fun words, arrows, and images of what is sold in the store so people are aware that they don't just sell coffee. The experience was fun and challenging as I was in charge of communicating with the owner on what she wanted, creating the rendering, gathering a team to help, picking out the colors and purchasing the paints, finding a UV sealer, and supervising and instructing the painters to make sure all 4 sides of the box was cohesive.

In 16 hours Elizabeth Distante and I painted a 12’x12’ drop of the entrance to the NY State Library for Twin City Stage. Elizabeth created the rendering on Photoshop that we then measured off of and drew out with charcoal. We also had the challenge of color matching to an older piece of scenery and working with house paint.

Two signs for a summer street event in Winston-Salem